Fiber-Metal® By Honeywell White Spirit Of America Graphic 3-R Ratchet Suspension Hard Hat features SuperEight® impact energy control system that dissipates force by reducing it to smaller increments and increases protective performance. Hat features smooth thermoplastic crown that deflects impacting objects and features eight-point suspension to disperse impact energy. It is heat resistant, scratch resistant and features adjustable non-slip/non-strip ratchet headgear for ultimate comfort. It features exclusive overlay designs and is SEI certified to meet ANSI Z89.1-2003 Type I, Class E, G and C standards.

  • Thermoplastic cap style hard hat with Fiber metal smooth crown design
  • The technically advanced SuperEight® suspension balances and spreads weight over a wide area for added comfort and impact protection
  • Available with the famous fiber metal non-slip/non-strip ratchet, SwingStrap™ or TabLok™ headgear
  • Available in a wide range of popular colors and full graphic designs 

Code: hone2rw00a006